Best Portable & Small Dog Fences

Best Portable & Small Dog Fences

Portable fences, also known as portable dog fences, are a wonderful invention that allows you to create a safe and secure play area for your dogs. These work by creating an electronic containment field around the perimeter of the fence, which creates a sort of barrier. When your dog tries to cross this barrier, they will receive a strong electronic shock from the collar they are wearing. They quickly learn not go near it without permission! There are several reasons why this is a great option:

First of all, you do not have to install a permanent fence with these units – just simply set them up wherever you need them

Secondly, they can be removed and relocated very easily in a matter of minutes

Thirdly, they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. You can purchase extra flags or other accessories to place around the perimeter for added protection if you so choose to. Some units also have indicators that let you know when your dog gets close to the boundary line. This makes it very easy to check their daily activity without interfering with their fun! They are extremely effective at containing dogs, whether you only need them contained during certain hours of the day or night, or if you want to contain them entirely while home alone or if they will be out playing in the yard unattended. Portable fences work by sending a radio signal from a receiver collar worn by your dog which creates an invisible containment zone for your dog. If they try to cross the zone, they will receive a warning tone from the collar first. If they ignore this and continue forward, there is a 97% success rate that the collar will send a mild shock to get their attention. After being corrected, most dogs learn very quickly not to go past a certain point where they receive these shocks again.

Portable fences are an excellent option for anyone who wants to contain their dogs without having ugly chain link fencing run all around their yard. They also come in extremely useful for those going on vacation who want to make sure their dog stays safe as well as those whose dogs may have poor leash manners or destructive chewing habits but do not want to crate them because of this! In addition, these fences can help with basic obedience training and in preventing your dog from running out into the street or attacking people who come to the door. Portable fencing is extremely easy to set up and generally take less than 45 minutes using a few tools that are included with purchase.

One of the primary benefits of a portable fence system is for anyone who has a young puppy where they wouldn’t want to have to be constantly watching them. Puppies get into everything, so it’s important to make sure they stay within the containment zone at all times when outside their crates or rooms. This way you know if they try going after that bunny rabbit in the back yard, they won’t end up taking a trip over to the local animal shelter!

It is also important to make sure young puppies are contained in this manner because it allows them to be free and play around the yard with their brothers and sisters without you having to worry that they’ll run out into the street or chew up your couch while you’re not looking.

Another reason why portable fencing is great is for when people go on vacation. If you want to let your dog roam freely in the back yard, but don’t want him out there unsupervised during certain hours of the day, these fences are an excellent option! Most dogs tend to fight with each other when left unattended so setting up a secure containment zone keeps things safe. Also, portable dog fences come in extremely handy if your dog is getting older and needs a little extra help getting around. Portable fences allow you to contain your dog in a safe manner that does not damage the yard or keep them cooped up all day in a crate or kennel run.

Lastly, portable fences are a great option for those who have dogs with leash pulling and chewing problems as they can be used to stop these behaviors from continuing. It can be very difficult to train a dog who is constantly running off on their own or destroying your favorite pair of shoes! These containment systems give owners peace of mind knowing that their best friend will stay safely contained where they want him! In addition, it allows them to go outside without being yanked by the leash every few seconds which makes training much easier. Dogs often behave better when they know there will be no escape and owners can use this to their advantage and train them to behave better!

Top Portable & Small Dog Fences

MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen
41,599 Reviews
MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen
  • Secure double latch step through door access, exercise pen / pet playpen folds flat for convenient storage
  • Each panel measures 24 inches Width x 24 inches height, exercise pen / pet playpen provides 16 square feet of enclosed area (1.5 meters)
  • Includes 8 ground anchors for outdoor use, 8 corner stabilizers and 4 thumb snaps for easy assembly
  • Durable black E coat finish, provides long lasting protection, features secure double latch door
  • Easy set up; No tools required for assembly; Exercise pen Includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty

New World Pet Products Foldable Dog Fence

New World Pet Products B552-30 Foldable Exercise Pet Playpen, Black, Medium/24' x 30'
13,320 Reviews
New World Pet Products B552-30 Foldable Exercise Pet Playpen, Black, Medium/24" x 30"
  • Exercise pen has 8 connected panels (each panel 24W x 30H inches) to create 16 square feet living area; Playpen is ideal for medium dogs up to 20 inches tall
  • Portable Exercise Pen is great for indoor & outdoor use: A black rust-preventive e-coat protects the dog playpen from the elements & included ground stakes keep the pen anchored to the ground
  • No tools required. Simply unfold, shape & connect dog playpen together; Exercise pen can be set-up in seconds & folds flat for easy storage or travel
  • Puppy playpen includes 4 ground stakes, 4 secure locking thumb snaps & can be used in conjunction w/ a metal dog crate to expand your dog's living area
  • Exercise pen works great as a puppy playpen or as an exercise area for non-climbing small animals including rabbits, ducks, turtles & guinea pigs

YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Dog Fence

YAHEETECH 24-inch Tall Heavy Duty Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise Fence Barrier Playpen Kennel, 16 Panels
3,138 Reviews
YAHEETECH 24-inch Tall Heavy Duty Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise Fence Barrier Playpen Kennel, 16 Panels
  • 【High Quality Material】this puppy playpen cage is made of strong and high quality Iron material, sturdy and durable to use and and hard to be damaged by small pets.each fence is connected with pins, which can fix the fence and make it easy to move.
  • 【Dog Fence Outdoor Indoor】16-panel individual Playpen design allows for multiple shape configurations and can be split into two 8 panels or cover a larger area to meet your needs,such as the shape of rectangle, square or octagon.
  • 【Large Play Yard for Your Pet】Dimension for Each Panel: 31.5”W x 24”H.This interactive and expandable pet playpen for small pets provides overall area size 66.52 square feet of enclosed area for pets, ensuring that they have enough room for play and exercise.
  • 【Safe and Foldable】Rounded edges keep your pet safe and ground stakes to secure the playpen in place;Folds flat for easy storage/ transportation.
  • 【Thoughtful Door and Lock】comes with thoughtful door and lock for easy opening and closing, and can increase security.

TOOCA 32″ Dog Fence

TOOCA Dog Pen 16 Panels 32' Height RV Dog Fence Playpens Exercise Pen for Dogs, Metal, Outdoor, Protect Design Poles, Foldable Barrier with Door, Black
1,001 Reviews
TOOCA Dog Pen 16 Panels 32" Height RV Dog Fence Playpens Exercise Pen for Dogs, Metal, Outdoor, Protect Design Poles, Foldable Barrier with Door, Black
  • 【Keep Your Pets Safe & House Clean】Pet fence helps protect your dogs from running around and keep your house clean and tidy. Protect Design Pole ensure it won’t hurt your dogs when they try to jump off the edge of the fence.
  • 【Prevent Escape and Collapse】 Dog pen is an excellent caretaker. 31.5 inches extra tall to prevent escape. Gravity Automatic Door Lock Device, prevent dog mistakes from pushing the door lock. Designed with Iron tubing and thickened edge tube, it is more stable against collapse. If your pet is a nice jumper then you really need a metal dog pens to protect them from knocking it down.
  • 【Indoor and Outdoor Application】Indoor: Dog pen has rubber gasket, which can prevent the fence from slipping because of your dog's jump and protect your floor from scratches. Outdoor: The pole can be inserted into the mud to fix the fence to prevent movement.
  • 【Free Assembly Of Multiple Shapes】Easy to install with poles, which can be set up in different shapes to accommodate whatever area in the space you are using , Square, rectangular, etc.
  • 【Ensure Movement Space】 16 panels unfold to create an enclosed area of 66.5 square feet for your pets to still move around. You can put their nests, toys, food, etc. inside. The pet fence not like a cage but a safe home.

SUNCOO 8/16 Panels Dog Fence

SUNCOO Dog Pen, Heavy Duty Folding Large Metal Dog Fence, Cat Puppy Pet Exercise Playpen, Indoor Outdoor 16 Panels 24 in Anti-Rust Pet Crate Cage Barrier Kennels (16 Panels Black, 24 in)
292 Reviews
SUNCOO Dog Pen, Heavy Duty Folding Large Metal Dog Fence, Cat Puppy Pet Exercise Playpen, Indoor Outdoor 16 Panels 24 in Anti-Rust Pet Crate Cage Barrier Kennels (16 Panels Black, 24 in)
  • LARGE SECURE EXERCISE AREA: With 16 panels, 31.5’’W x 24’’H of each panel, SUNCOO puppy playpen forms an overall enclosed large area of 138.63 Square Feet, which keeps your pets safe from anything potentially harmful and prevents them from messing up your room. The doors let you or your pet in/out conveniently. The latches lock doors up to make it more secure.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY DOG PEN: Constructed from premium powder coated metal panels and rods, SUNCOO dog fence set a high bar to make itself a beautiful, firm, smooth, rust resistant, easy to clean and high quality fence. With the smooth coating over the metal structure, the playpen is safe for indoor or outdoor use and won’t scuff up floors or furniture.
  • MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS, EASY TO SETUP: This dog playpen allows for multiple shape configurations. You can configure it how you want - so many possibilities - to give your pets as much or as little room as they need. It goes up quit quickly, you just line up two panels, drop in the rod, done! The drop pin system allows for different angles.
  • FIRM, FOLDING DESIGN: It folds down to flat for easy storage and transport. Wide cross bars on the panels and the overall heavy design (lightweight in single panels) makes it challenging for puppies to climb up the panels or push around the entire pen.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: SUNCOO pet fence is popular for its versatility, using it as a fantastic addition to a camper, an extension to a dog crate, a goat, rabbit, puppy fence, or an area for a pet to run and play. It's much cheaper than fencing in a section of yard.

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