Best Portable & Small Donut Makers

Best Portable & Small Donut Makers

Portable donut makers can be a great convenience to you and your family. It is the most versatile appliance in anyone’s kitchen, especially for people with children and their friends and neighbors.

The best portable donut makers will allow you to make delicious donuts quickly and effortlessly, anywhere anytime. Portable donut machines are more efficient than using a pan because it cooks faster, uses less oil/fat per batch, and you can cook several at once, while still having time to add toppings if desired. These kinds of machines also allows you to add healthy ingredients such as oats or wheat bran into your batter, which you cannot do when making them on a frying pan. Otherwise they taste great with mixes box mixes made from cake or brownie mix.

They are plug-and-play, so you plug it into an AC power source and start cooking! They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes; there’s something for everyone’s needs. From the kids’ donuts to the big game, make your favorite desserts at your desired size with these simple machines! We present our top 10 picks for the best portable donut makers.

Top Portable & Small Donut Makers

Babycakes Mini Donut Maker

Babycakes Donut Maker, Mini
1,901 Reviews
Babycakes Donut Maker, Mini
  • Non-stick baking plates
  • Make 4 mini donuts
  • Power light
  • Latching handle and non-skid rubber feet
  • Convenient cord wrap

Brentwood Mini Donut Maker

Brentwood Mini Donut Maker Machine, Non-Stick, Pink
1,163 Reviews
Brentwood Mini Donut Maker Machine, Non-Stick, Pink
  • Powerful 750 watt mini donut maker bakes 7 donuts in just a few minutes
  • Impress your kids, friends and family with delicious varieties of mini donuts, brownies, cakes, muffins and more
  • Mini donuts slide right off of the non-stick plates making cleanup a snap
  • Safely operate with cool touch handles
  • Convenient power and pre heat indicator lights

Chef Buddy Mini Donut Maker

Chef Buddy 82-KIT1066 Mini Donut Maker-Electric Appliance Machine to Mold Little Doughnuts Using Batter/Mix-Bake Chocolate, Glazed, and More Flavors, Normal, White
271 Reviews
Chef Buddy 82-KIT1066 Mini Donut Maker-Electric Appliance Machine to Mold Little Doughnuts Using Batter/Mix-Bake Chocolate, Glazed, and More Flavors, Normal, White
  • SKIP THE COFFEE SHOP- Ditch overpriced shops and instead make sweet mini donuts anytime, anywhere with this lightweight electric maker. Use the included recipe or your favorite mix for family fun with less calories or fat than store-bought fried donuts.
  • CREATE YOUR FAVORITE FLAVORS- Bake a variety of your favorites- like chocolate covered, spice cake, clear glaze, sprinkles, and more! Makes light and moist donuts with cake or regular yeast recipes, gluten-free recipes and even vegan-friendly varieties!
  • EASY TO USE- Once the red and green indicators show the unit is powered on and preheated, simply add cooking spray, pour batter, and bake! A cool-touch handle ensures safety and the nonstick surface gives mini donuts a golden crust and perfect release.
  • EASY TO CLEAN- This baked doughnut maker should be cleaned before first use. After the machine is unplugged and has cooled, the easy non-stick surface simply wipes clean with a damp cloth.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Machine Dimensions: 11” (L) x 8” (W) x 4” (H). Color: White. This small appliance bakes up to 7 mini doughnuts (2-inch diameter) at a time.

Betty Crocker Mini Donut Maker

Betty Crocker BC2938CO Mini Donut Maker, One Size, Metal
255 Reviews
Betty Crocker BC2938CO Mini Donut Maker, One Size, Metal
  • Prepares 7 Mini Delicious Hot & Fresh Donuts In Just Minutes
  • Donuts Are Baked Instead Of Fried For Less Mess & Less Fat
  • Complete With Cool-touch Handle, Power-on Light Indicator & Temperature Ready Indicator Light
  • Nonstick Surface Ensures Golden Results & Flawless Release
  • Includes A Piping Bag With Assorted Nozzles & Spatula For Decorating Needs

VonShef Mini Donut Maker

VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker Kit Set, Small Donut Snack Machine, Red
264 Reviews
VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker Kit Set, Small Donut Snack Machine, Red
  • 12 DONUTS: Makes 12 mouth watering donuts in minutes
  • FAST: Ultra-fast heat up. Get cooking rather than waiting around the kitchen!
  • POWERFUL: Power and ready light indicators so you know when it's time to get baking.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Automatic temperature control to ensure perfect donuts every time!
  • SAFE: Cool touch handle.

If you love donuts but don’t want to eat them every day, a portable donut maker might be something right up your alley. Instead of buying those pre-made pastries that are likely filled with unhealthy ingredients and drenched in sugar, you can make your own healthy donut recipes on the go!

Yes, it’s true: there is such a thing as a portable donut maker. We’re going to provide you some information about these devices so that by the time you finish reading this article, you will be ready to make a purchase decision.

What Are Portable Donut Makers?

Portable donut makers are compact kitchen appliances that produce crispy and delicious mini cake-like doughnuts. These machines actually look like small waffle irons that have a cupcake holder on top. The cake-like dough is placed into the cupcake holder and the donut maker cooks it from above, adding a sweet glaze on top.

What Can You Make With Your Portable Donut Maker?

The beauty of these devices is that you can make more than just cake-like doughnuts in them! In fact, here are some of the most popular recipes:

Regular Cake-Like Doughnuts – Just pour your favorite recipe for cake mix into the donut maker’s bowl and follow the directions to get mini cakes baked right inside of your machine. Once they’re finished cooking, simply remove them from their press and coat them with whatever toppings or glazes you desire. We’ll talk more about toppings and glazes later on in the article.

French Crullers – This type of mini cake is typically made with egg whites and flour to produce a crispy exterior and a soft interior . However, you can alter this recipe by using cake mix and baking powder and brushing your crullers with maple syrup instead of glazing them after they cook.

Baked Cake Donuts – These doughnuts are healthier than traditional donuts because they’re made from cake mix or batter that’s been baked inside of your donut maker instead of deep-fried for hours in grease. Since these donuts are lighter, they’re often served as morning pastries at restaurants rather than as desserts!

What Doughnut Recipes Can’t You Make?

One of the best things about portable donut makers is that you can make a range of different recipes with them. That being said, here are some doughnuts that you cannot make inside one of these units:

Fried Dough – This pastry is made by deep-frying balls or strips of dough in large vats filled with oil. Since most portable donut machines aren’t designed for this type of cooking, it’s not possible to use one as a substitute for a frying machine!

Cruller Donuts – Although crullers and baked cake doughnuts have somewhat similar shapes, they’re actually quite different from one another. This is because crullers are fried in oil while baked cake doughnuts are cooked with electricity.

Donut Holes – Lots of people love to eat donut holes as snacks, but since they’re small and round, you can’t make them with a standard portable donut machine. This is because the cupcake holder on top of these devices is only designed to accommodate flat doughnut shapes (i.e., cake-like doughnuts and French crullers).

What Are Some Other Uses for My Portable Donut Maker?

Even though it’s called a “donut maker,” this appliance has quite a few uses that go beyond making those scrumptious fried desserts! Here are some ingenious ways that others have repurposed their devices:

Cinnamon Rolls – You can use your machine as an oven to bake cinnamon rolls, tea breads, and other types of pastry dough. Just put the pastry inside the machine’s cupcake holder, set the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and let it cook until golden brown. To give your bread an extra crunchy texture , sprinkle some sugar on top of it about 10 minutes before it comes out of the donut maker.

Waffle Iron – Because this appliance is shaped like a waffle iron (except smaller), you can use it to make mini versions of your favorite breakfast foods! Maybe you want waffles that are slightly crispy outside but still fluffy on the inside; or maybe you want something more akin to traditional Belgian waffles with deep pockets for butter and syrup . Either way, you can make all kinds of waffles in your donut maker, so experiment to find the recipe that you like best.

Cake Pops – If you want to make cake pops but don’t have any oven space available, why not use one of these units? Simply take some cake batter or pre-made cake mix and spoon it into your machine’s cupcake holder. Since your machine bakes things at a much lower temperature than an oven does, you’ll end up with moist pops that are decorated (and easy to eat!)

What Should I Look for When Buying a Portable Donut Maker?

Now that you know more about how these machines work and what kinds of recipes they can make, there are only two questions left to answer: Which specific donut maker should you buy, and where can you buy it?

The best way to answer these questions is by considering two key factors: price and size. Some units are quite large so they’re meant for professionals who need them in a restaurant or bakery setting; others are small enough to keep on your desk at home while still being powerful enough to make delicious treats. Whatever you decide, remember that there’s no “best” portable donut maker out there – it all depends on what you want!

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