Best Portable & Small Travel Toilets

Best Portable & Small Travel Toilets

There are many types of portable toilets , so what is the best travel toilet for your particular situation? Let’s take a look at the various options.

If you haul a trailer, camper or an RV, then one of these might be good enough for you. If not, keep reading…

A “Porta Potty” is really designed for short term use – meaning that if there was no roof over it, you wouldn’t sit in it all day long. So if you need to go on a hike and don’t want to leave your campground during the whole weekend, this may work for you. But otherwise camping type toilets are quite expensive (for what they are), bulky and generally require some effort to install them inside your camper. This is not to mention that you have to have access to a power source wherever you are camping or use the 12 volt battery supplied by the toilet manufacturer.

You should know that for most people, this does NOT qualify as “best travel toilet”. However it’s cheap and will do in a pinch – if you don’t mind smelling like waste all weekend long. If you have to go while out hiking or on some other adventure, our advice is to find a secluded spot well away from water sources (creeks, streams, rivers) and make yourself comfortable… I sure wish I had one of these when my kids were little…

Now let’s get serious here!

If you are planning on moving around your site a lot, then a portable waste tank system is the way to go.

These are easy to install in almost any type of camper or RV and will stay in place while you pull out for your day’s adventure. The best part about these systems is that they come with their own built in toilet – so there’s no need for a separate seat on the commode! This makes these far more comfortable to use than other types of portable toilets which can be difficult for taller people (and even some children) to get down onto in a seated position. However if you’re not going RVing very often, it might not make sense to invest in one of these systems since they cost quite a bit more than our next best option…

Top Portable & Small Travel Toilets

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating and Other Recreational Activities - 5.3 Gallon
2,977 Reviews
Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating and Other Recreational Activities - 5.3 Gallon
  • 5.3 gallon holding tank is detachable; 2.5 gallon flush tank
  • Sealing slide valve locks in odors and protects against leakage
  • Side latches secure the tank to the toilet
  • Bellow type flush and sturdy construction
  • Measures 15.5 inch H x 14 inch W x 16 inch; Please note: Total seat width is 13 inches; Seat dimensions (inside) are: 8.5 inch W x 9 inch D

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag, Travel Toilet with Level indicator | | 3 Way Pistol Flush | Rotating Spout, for Camping, Boating, Traveling & Roadtripping
1,492 Reviews
SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet with Carry Bag, Travel Toilet with Level indicator | | 3 Way Pistol Flush | Rotating Spout, for Camping, Boating, Traveling & Roadtripping
  • GO IN COMFORT ANYWHERE: Whether heading off for an unforgettable backwoods camping trip or traveling with the family, this portable toilet kit by Serene Life lets you go wherever and whenever nature calls!
  • #1 PORTABLE TRAVEL TOILET: Boating enthusiasts, frequent travelers And road tripping families turn to our compact traveling toilet seat because it can tag along without taking up too much room or weighing your down.
  • EXTRA LARGE TOILET TANK: The 5. 3 gallon toilet tank holds more than most other portable camping toilets, which means you'll have to empty it less often. And waste water tank level indication let you know when it's time!
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO EMPTY: We've rigged this portable camping toilet with a splash-free rotating pour spout, allowing you to quickly And discreetly empty it when full. The odor-resistant materials also make sure it doesn't retain smells!
  • CARRYING CASE INCLUDED: What kind of camping toilet chair doesn't come with a carrying case?! Our heavy duty portable toilet comes with a travel toilet bag that makes it super easy to tote around campsites.

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet

Thetford Porta Potti

Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp
1,492 Reviews
Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp
  • VERSATILITY: Award-winning, top-of-the-line portable toilet, suited for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, healthcare, camping and even off-the-grid lifestyle
  • DESIGN: Sleek, modern, and homelike look, Porta Potti Curve comes with a comfortable seat height, increased bowl size, and battery-powered flush
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Easy to use and clean, Curve has an ergonomic carrying handle, an integrated toilet paper holder, and a tank level indicator
  • SANITARY: Odorless and leak proof, the portable toilet has a sealed valve to prevent odors from escaping and a rotating pour-out spout for emptying the waste water tank without backsplashes
  • OPTIONAL: The hold down kit helps secure the portable toilet to the floor, holding it in place while you're on the road

Basicwise Portable Travel Toilet

Basicwise Portable Travel Toilet for Camping and Hiking with Toilet/Dressing Pop Up Tent, Grey, Tent - 46 w x 46 d x 76 h in, Toilet Measures: 17" w x 16" d x 14" h, QI003241.443
  • Measurements: Tent - 46 W x 46 D x 76 H In. , Toilet Measures: 17" W x 16" D x 14" H
  • Camping tent and toilet combo
  • Toilet features integrated toilet paper holder
  • Tent features an interior window and pocket
  • Portable lightweight toilet and easy to assemble tent

Portable Travel Toilet Considerations

The main idea behind a travel toilet is that it should be lightweight, easy to use, and small enough to pack in any luggage. This allows you to have the convenience of using a restroom at anytime without having to look for an actual bathroom or pay for into public restrooms. Basically, a portable toilet is a plastic canister that contains a small seat with a lid and handles on the sides. It also has a removable bowl that you empty before going to your next destination. There are two main types of portable loo:

Although neither one requires expensive sewer hookups, both types still require water for flushing. The Aqua-Potti uses fresh water, while the Porta Potty needs empty reservoir tanks filled up at faucets. Both types use chemicals to clean the holding tank once it’s full and sealed (for extended storage) or after each use (for immediate disposal). Some toilets like the Nature’s Head composting toilets don’t use any chemicals, but they’re quite pricy compared to standard models.

Since travel toilets are lightweight and compact, they tend to not be very powerful although the best portable toilet would be easy to clean and use. Some models come with a hand-operated mechanism that also requires maximum physical strength for those who easily tire.

Portable Travel Toilet Types

Toilet Dimensions (length x width x height) usually range from 15 L x 14 W x 20 H inches for the MicroLoo Potty Seat to 26 L x 16 ¼ W x 14 ¾” inches for the Thetford Portable RV Toilet . If you’re tall, these measurements can seriously affect your comfort level while seated on top of it. Luckily, most brands have attachable seats that raise up your feet closer to your body’s midsection.

Height is also critical if you hope to stand up straight while using the toilet, but it’s not always necessary for everyone. For example, when camping with kids who are still relatively small in size, a portable travel toilet that goes up to 4’11” H would be just fine. Older children or taller adults would benefit from a 5’3″ or 6’0″ height. Just figure out your maximum range and choose accordingly.

When it comes to portability , most models weigh around 8-15 lbs which makes them suitable for backpacking trips, boating excursions, hunting season, or camping in general. Some of the best portable toilets even come with straps so you can hang it on a tree branch which can also be useful when boating.

Most of these toilets have large capacity holding tanks that can last for several days. It’s vital to read carefully the dimensions since some models only have 2 L or 1 ½ gallons tank while others have 5 gallon, 9 gallon, or even 13 Gallon tank sizes. If you need a longer-term solution, consider buying larger tank capacities before hitting the road.

Portable Toilet Accessories

“RV Toilet Paper Holder”

An RV toilet paper holder is designed to keep rolls of tissue handy while traveling on the road or out camping. An RV toilet paper holder is either hung over the back of the tank lid with two clips that snap shut over each other (one secure side) or there are spring-loaded arms that extend out horizontally from their base and hold the tissue box upright. This is a good accessory to have when using permanent, large capacity RV toilets. But it can be very handy in porta-potties as well where you can place the TP roll in the holder so you do not have to reach down into the dirty toilet water to retrieve it when you are done wiping yourself clean.

Privacy Screens or Privacy Hider Doors

Privacy screens are used on most portable restrooms today. They are heavy-duty vinyl curtains that attach around the circumference of your porta potty. With one side closed, it creates privacy for your users while also offering some protection from wind gusts, rain or snow that may be blowing inside the unit through open doors during bad weather conditions. Plus it reduces the level of noise created if the unit is located near a busier thoroughfare.

Privacy hider doors are sometimes referred to as “lipstick doors” for obvious reasons. These are flip-up, half doors that hide your users from view when opened but still provide easy access inside. A simple pull of the door and they can be closed without swinging back into place covering up their activities on the seat or commode bowl inside like full hider side panels would do. Some older models have hinged half doors that flip down completely obscuring full view of what’s going on inside; though most modern bathrooms use privacy hider doors instead due to better aesthetics (privacy screens work well in most all porta potty situations).

Privacy Hider Side Panels

These are vinyl panels that attach to the sidewalls inside your portable restroom providing full privacy for your users while they are seated in the unit. They come in various designs, but most have a rail or handle near the top so they can be folded up and out of the way when not needed. These are also very good accessories to have when using permanent, large capacity RV toilets.

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